A Unique Wedding Idea

Paying attention to both minor and major details is important during the wedding planning process. Some couples are more big picture people, and they focus on the reception hall, the ceremony site, and the music; however, others place a strong emphasis on the little pieces that bring their wedding together. Early on in the process, many individuals start to ask their relatives and friends to stand next to them at their wedding in the bridal party. Not only do they want to show these people the significant role they play in their lives, but they also want to ask them in a unique way. Providing them with custom Lanyards Canada is an excellent idea.

As guests come into the engagement party, or as the closest relatives and friends gather for a small celebration, the couple can pass out the lanyards asking people if they would act as a member of the bridal party. Using the Lanyards to ask the question is fun, and this act also gives the bridal party members a token by which to remember the day. Even if couples do not want to use these items to ask people to stand in their bridal party, they could put them out as favors for all of the guests. Some couples may even find a way to incorporate the lanyards into their themes, whether at the wedding itself or during the engagement party. For example, some couples choose to have a “key to my heart” theme, and a lanyard clearly fits in with that motif.

Using lanyards as favors is a smart idea because they are actually an item that people can utilize. Whether they are favors at the wedding, shower, or engagement party does not matter; guests will just be happy to not have another item that they need to shove in the back of some drawer. Most people carry keys, so the lanyards allow them to do so with ease and style. Also, many couples book a block of rooms at a hotel for their wedding celebrations, and they provide welcome bags to the guests. They can include the lanyards in these bags along with some snacks, directions, and other treats. Guests can easily use the lanyards right away to carry around their hotel room key. Clearly, when it comes to weddings, lanyards have quite a few possible uses that people may have never thought of in the past.

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